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Creative Places is a new Community Interest Company that seeks to provide an exciting and interesting range of creative courses and workshops. Whether you are looking to get creative with like minded people in a social setting, tailor something to a group you work with or have a birthday party, hen night or other occasion that you’d like to provide something different, we have a range of experienced tutors at the ready to satisfy your creative desires!

Tamasin Jarrett – Director, Creative Places CIC

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Working full time in local government and having a young family meant that I never made the time at home to indulge in all the lovely creative things I enjoyed doing. My sewing machine gathered dust, my fabric sat there unused and I continued to collect things with the intention of ‘making that – someday’. But someday never came as there were always jobs to be doing around the house. I started thinking that other people must feel the frustration of never being able to make the time for creativity. That’s when I had the idea to start Creative Places! I know lots of artists and have great organisation skills, so I could put together programmes of workshops and courses for other people which would then enable them to make the time to be creative, much in the same way they would take up a Zumba or Yoga class. I could use local community venues and employ the artists as tutors to provide a wide range of creative courses and workshops. I’ve therefore set about providing programmes of creative courses and workshops in a wide range of arts and crafts, which I find really exciting, I hope you do too!

Helen Sharp

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Helen is descended from generations of people who can cook, knit and generally make most things from scratch. Even so, she was 17 when her mother sat her down and explained that she’d probably not become a doctor (her dream) as she didn’t rush home from school to study, instead she rushed to make giant papier mache crocodiles and to design knitted waistcoats (well, it was the 1990s!). Now she has accepted the lack of academic desire and immersed herself in the joy of knitting, cosmetic creation and candle dipping. She is trying to impart this love on her children, in fact, on anyone willing to have a go.

Nicola Howard

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Nicola PhotoNicola’s background is in the clothing industry, following her studies in Fashion Design at the University of Derby she worked as a Designer in the Fashion Industry starting in underwear and knickers for the high street and moving on to high-end nightwear for the likes of Harrods and even Elton John! She also studied at Theatre School and works when she can as an Actress in between looking after her 2 young children. She loves making clothes for herself and her children and bits and pieces for the house. As a teacher Nicola’s approach hails from her background in the Industry rather than traditional dress-making and she loves to show people how to make beautiful things that they can be proud of.

Emily Quincey

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Emily developed an interested in felting during the final year of her degree course in fine art. She had been taught how to wet felt years earlier and wanted to look into other methods and stumbled on needle felting. She took to it very quickly and began working on a series on 2D ‘photo felts’. After leaving university she worked hard on developing her skills and eventually began making sculptural pieces which tended to be quirky creatures and animals. After posting photos of her work on Facebook and on a blog which she had named Felted Thoughts, she began to get a lot of interest from people enquiring about having a felted thought commissioned. Around this time she also began selling at local craft fairs. Usually smalls one held in local church halls or pubs but eventually she had stalls at larger events such at The Faversham Hop Festival and Create Music festival. This year she has started working on getting her felt pieces stocked in local shops, Felted Thoughts can now be found in the Canterbury Beaney Museum and Taking the Plunge in Whitstable.

Rob Croudace

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAR. G. Croudace Glass designs, repairs and fits stained glass in traditional and contemporary styles. Rob began making leaded stained glass panels for pleasure and people soon began asking him to design pieces for their homes. Four years later he is always thrilled and excited to receive such requests. He is passionate about stained glass and loves making the many different colours, textures, shapes and lines combine, yet individually they remain unique & important. Introducing people to the craft is an immensely enjoyable part of his work.

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